Twin Trouble


An assistant principal is a leading applicant to replace the retiring elementary principal. Her duties include students’ grade-level assignments for next year. The PTA president, with twin 1st-grade girls, reluctantly accedes to the school’s policy that twins be placed in separate classrooms. One twin is having academic difficulty and the teacher recommends retention.

The girls’ angry mother demands the promotion of both, blaming the teacher’s performance. As a member of the site council that will recommend the next principal, she criticizes the assistant principal’s leadership without mentioning her personal circumstances. The AP fears her promotional chance is about to be extinguished. She seeks the superintendent’s advice.

A stretch of highway in front of a school was the scene of a school bus accident with minor injuries. The same section has seen numerous other accidents.

The county highway department recommends straightening the road for a safer route — an action requiring removal of several trees. This option has drawn public opposition because the trees are the last of a group planted by a famous former citizen on a piece of land considered a historic community treasure. Both sides take up the case in front of the school board. What action should the superintendent recommend?