Do you know the corporate industry cannot survive without the hands-on skills? Right from the entrance, there is a mason responsible for the construction work.

 As you go to the lavatories, there is a plumber’s touch in the water systems. Before you sit on your desk, there is enough lighting, and all your electric gadgets are working correctly.

There is a touch of an electrician’s work. As you sit on your table, there is a woodworker who took the time to make the designs you enjoy on your desk.

Besides, on-site, you can view metalwork activities that enhance all your security grills. Do you now agree they play a significant role in society either at home or at work?

As a leader in any organization, it’s important to have hands-on skills to complement your white-collar job.

The proficiency can be out of passion or an acquired talent along your line of duty. It could also be as a result of a need to solve a problem.  Why do you think it’s of importance to a person in charge?

•    Solves technical issues

•    Saves you money and time

•    Helps one to make the right decision in management and administration

•    Complements the sedentary lifestyle

•    Enhances your cognitive development

In this article, we’ll look at the crucial technical skills ideal for every leader and its importance.

Electrical work

Not all electrical faults need an electrician. Some require basic knowledge from school in electricity. But, since most leaders think they are “bosses,” and there are juniors to handle such tasks, they never attempt.

Imagine when you are in the office early morning or late in the evening. You have to finish some work only to realize the socket blew its fuse.

Do you have to wait for an electrician to do it when you have access to the electronics box and replace the fuse?

 Electrical work is vital to sort electrical needs even while at home. Save yourself the embarrassment; have necessary electrical skills, it comes in handy during times of crisis.


Who handles simple woodwork repairs at home? A leader shows the way. When you talk to your procurement officer about woodwork designs, do you have an idea of what it’s all about?

Woodwork skills come in handy to help you make crucial decisions, even in purchases of the furniture in the office.

 Look at a political leader looking for votes in the informal sector. As part of the public relations exercise, as he tells people to work hard, he can practically demonstrate using a band saw, all he needs is to take a piece of wood, place it on a solid cast iron table and cut it to prove a point. Has he achieved a political agenda or not?


You are in the washroom, and all of a sudden, the sinks aren’t working. It doesn’t make you inferior when you roll up your sleeves and get dirty to repair the drainage systems.

It’s a sign of humility. It gives a leader an upper hand to push an agenda among employees. The employees will have a doable notion.

“If the boss can get dirty, why not me” Before you notice, passively, you encourage and creates a sense of optimism among employees.

They now think beyond the box to solve different problems at the workplace.  Plumbing is a technical skill that enhances DIY projects that is vital in boosting one’s confidence levels.


When not using woodwork furniture at home or office, then it’s a metalwork one.  These are complementary skills that require a bit of understanding of the functions and the processes.

Some basics in welding, even if you don’t practically work on it, equip a leader with relevant skills to make some decision concerning the appliances.

You can differentiate a durable metalwork project from the other depending on the type of metal one uses.

Moreover, it’s a physically involving skill that acts as a workout activity. After a hard day’s work, get your welding machine, and make your designs.

The peace and tranquillity you get, as a result, enhances your creativity levels.


Womenfolk can engage in dressmaking as a hobby or passion that deviate your mind from the corporate affairs.

Imagine when you make your designs and your employees appreciate your creative art skill? It boosts your morale to ensure you achieve your best in whatever you put your hands on.

There is a reason technical institutions are training on specific skills. You can’t undertake all of them. Look for what works for you as a leader and capitalize on it.