Leaders Carry Flashlights


TK35UE-2018-flashlight-beamFlashlights are fundamental tools that can be used in emergencies, self-defense, providing light in the dark and extreme weather conditions. In the smartphone era, most people forget how essential basic tools such as a flashlight can be. Good leaders, however, think ahead and prepare for any unexpected situations.

As a leader, you should never underestimate the importance of a flashlight. Your team will be glad you have a flashlight in case of an emergency or any other sudden situation, Leaders should carry flashlights because of the following reasons;

Easy to use and reliable

Flashlights are handy tools that can be used by everyone. Modern flashlights come in many features including easily accessible power buttons. Flashlights with a bottom power button are easy to switch on and off. The bottom power button of a flashlight can be pressed with the thumb, knuckles, or even the edge of a table. This gives everyone in the team the ability to use a flashlight irrespective of their age or capabilities. In addition, a flashlight is a reliable tool that will help your team in difficult situations where they need light. For utmost reliability, consider a flashlight that can withstand both environmental elements and physical shocks.


Flashlights provide a reliable amount of brightness that provides illumination in dark spaces. A typical smartphone has 25-40 lumens of brightness which is below most flashlights in the market. A typical LED flashlight puts out about 50-100 lumens.
Notably, a flashlight can be used to illuminate paths. This is mainly important when the group is enjoying team building activities like camping, hiking, traveling, caving and other outdoor adventures. For instance, team members can take turns to survey a camp at night.
Similarly, flashlights can be used for nighttime indoor games and activities. Another key thing to note is a flashlight will be significantly helpful if any of the team activities go badly.

Emergency Situations

All leaders should be prepared as much as they can for any emergency situations on behalf of their team. A good leader never overlooks the power of a flashlight in emergency situations.
A flashlight covers a lot of bases from a power outage, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, or finding a trapped group member. They also have SOS signal feature which can be used to signal for help if your team is lost or is in any other kind of emergency. Moreover, a flashlight can be used for defense. Shining a light on the eyes of an attacker may disorient them giving you and your team a chance to escape.

Work lights

The right tools will improve the performance of your team and makes their job easier. Flashlights efficiently and safely illuminate any crawled spaces. They are easy to hold and therefore provide reliable lighting assistance. Likewise, flashlights are easy to lend to your team members to work with, unlike a smartphone which is a personal device.


A flashlight comes in handy many situations from emergencies to fun team activities. Every leader should, therefore, invest in a high-quality and reliable flashlight for their team and for their own personal use.

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