Nothing can beat the storybook of food especially the electric smoked foods



Food is a diet for the physical body and soul. The health benefits when you consume the right diet are an added advantage to your overall physical performance. Scholars say” a way to a man’s heart is through food” However, the health and physical benefits of food are experienced when you consume the right quality and quantity of food, otherwise it can be your source of daily nightmare and lifestyle diseases.


Knowing the right foods through books

Books provide documentation on what to and not to consume depending on age and race. Children are growing and they need to take food rich in iron and essential minerals to help in body building and development of strong bones; teenagers are getting into adulthood, the changes they experience require good diet to fill the gap of any mineral deficiency. Adults and the aged have slow cell reproduction hence foods which are easily digested and do not overwork the cells- the main reason for premature aging. Electric smokers are the best kitchen appliances for this time and this is also one of affordable smokers. Smoking as a cooking method is advisable by health experts because of the health benefits they possess. They include nutritional value maintenance, slow temperature hence proper cooking among other benefits. Storytellers have documented this is various story books. Hard copy and soft copy versions of various recipes are also available to give an idea to answer, what, when and how to prepare smoked food.


Smoking meat cookbook

We focus on Jeff Phillips –the author of Smoking meat cookbook gives step by step instruction on preparation, handling, smoking and serving cooked food using electric smokers. He focuses on providing knowledge in barbecue recipes. His website has numerous recipes, which he has incorporated in the book.  The first chapter, he takes comprehensive coverage of how to purchase and set up your smoker- electric, charcoal; then setting and finally preparation. He admits the milestones smokers have achieved to get the modern electric smokers. The book is highly recommended for beginners who want to start their journey towards taking electric smoked meats for home use, restaurants and for house parties.


Myron Mixon the author, checks on the tips and guides in smoking tasty meat bits for all functions. The award-winning chef in smoked recipes has over 75 awards in this niche. He shares on how to create unique recipes to keep your guests in your restaurants and visitor to their fill through, one-one-one preparation of smoked meals using the electric cooker. He also shares some of the simplest ingredients that can be added to create a tasty meat bites. He explains all the minute details on temperature regulation and meat quantities and qualities to ensure you have the best-smoked meals of all time.

A good book on electric smokers is the best reference to provide concepts to your knowledge and expand your cognitive thought on smoked food. They also explain the uses of electric smokers to get the best meal out of simple ingredients.