Guidance and Direction to an Organization


How do you see your self as a leader here is an illustration of your potenail

Leader Manger

How do you become a good leader

Role of a Leader

How do you execute your role as a leader


Twin Trouble

An assistant principal is a leading applicant to replace the retiring elementary principal. Her duties include students’ grade-level assignments for next year. The PTA president, with twin 1st-grade girls, reluctantly accedes to the school’s policy that twins be placed in separate classrooms. One twin is having academic difficulty and the teacher recommends retention. The girls’…

5 Simple Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in School Children

Leadership skills allow children to control their lives and improve their ability to communicate their thoughts effectively. There are many ways that you can help children develop leadership skills, such as: Communication Skills Communicating well with others is a basic tenet of society. Similarly, leadership is all about communication – listening, speaking, presenting, and writing.…