Guidance and Direction to an Organization


How do you see your self as a leader here is an illustration of your potenail

Leader Manger

How do you become a good leader

Role of a Leader

How do you execute your role as a leader


Hands-On Skills Crucial for Every Leader

Do you know the corporate industry cannot survive without the hands-on skills? Right from the entrance, there is a mason responsible for the construction work.  As you go to the lavatories, there is a plumber’s touch in the water systems. Before you sit on your desk, there is enough lighting, and all your electric gadgets…

Leadership Lessons That Can Be Learned From Cooking

Cooking is more of an art rather than a skill. There is a reason why people flock a specific restaurant and leave others yet they offer the same food and there is a difference in price. When it comes to cooking, as long as you have excellent service then the price does not matter. Have…