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Superintendents:  Leaders Envisioning and Developing the Future of New York Public Education

Guest Post by Jere I. Hochman, Superintendent, Bedford, New York Reprinted with permission from NYS Council of School Superintendents In “envisioning” public education for the future, the vision part is easy. It starts with the phrase “Every child…” and the rest are details. Developing the strategies to accomplish the vision and enacting them with results is the challenging and exciting part. ...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 2/8/2013 4:12:06 PM

Guest Post from Alan Blankstein

Below is an excerpt from a post by Alan Blankstein, the founder of the HOPE Foundation, which appeared under the title "The Real Issue Isn't Common Core; It's Common Implementation," in EdWeek on January 8, 2013. Read the full article here. When we apply this first principle of successful change - readiness - to the Common Core implementation, it is easy to see how getting both wide-scale under...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 1/14/2013 11:03:07 AM

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