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Tsinghua HS: Competitive in Academics and Sports

We visited the Tsinghua University Affiliated High School in Beijing and met with the Principal. The school has three components: high school, middle school and a K-12 international school for the children of foreign nationals working in Beijing. The school enjoys an excellent reputation with 100% of its graduates going on to university. To enrich the required national curriculum, the school o...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 6/21/2013 7:59:37 AM

American Students Witness Chinese Hospitality

I have the pleasure of traveling to China as a member of the Advisory Board to the People to People Student Exchange Program. We are starting in Beijing, and we are visiting a "hotung" which is what neighborhoods looked like in Beijing many years ago. The students I am with are from Arizona and Oklahoma, and they will be here for three weeks. While visiting the many sites and meeting students ...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 6/20/2013 5:31:54 AM

Visiting Our Nebraska Colleagues

Omaha, Nebraska - AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech, visited with Mike Dulaney and spoke to the superintendents in the Nebraska Association of School Administrators about the aftermath to the national elections. Sequestration and ESEA reauthorization were topics of interest. School districts in Nebraska are concerned about potential efforts by the state to change the current retirement syst...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 11/16/2012 11:51:51 AM

High Performing St. Petersburg School Rewarded With Status, Increased Funding

New Russian Law May Require Parents To Pay for Higher Level Classes St. Petersburg, Russia - The Gymnasium #11 School in St. Petersburg, Russia, has won many accolades for the achievement of its students. The "gymnasium" status is accorded to schools with the highest performance record and the schools are rewarded by receiving greater funding than other schools. However, many educators in R...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 10/31/2012 3:34:05 PM

Report from Moscow: Education a Priority Here

Preschool Investment Pays Off Moscow, Russia - This year's AASA's International Symposium is taking place in Russia and AASA President, Benny Gooden, along with AASA Executive Director, Dan Domenech and other members of the delegation met with Moscow Department of Education officials. Marina Smirnitskaya (to Dan's right in the picture) is the head of curriculum and instructional programs. M...

Posted By Meg Carnes | 10/29/2012 8:09:20 AM

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