About Our Organization


Founded a decade ago to help children from low-income households or deprived areas to achieve better educational and health outcomes. We create awareness on child poverty and its impact on the young generation, including their health and education.

We put measures in place to help fight and reduce child poverty. We partner with local authorities, national governments, health boards, and other public or third sector organizations to fight child poverty and its impact on kids’ health and general wellbeing

Our main focus is to reduce child poverty levels using effective interventions such as legislative controls and structural changes to tax, economic and benefit systems.

We also adopt effective measures such as provision of intensive support to preschools, homes and child care or educational institutions, and optimization of resources and incomes of poor households. These interventions help address health impacts linked to child poverty.

We’re a not-for-profit organization with a focus on fighting child poverty and its impact on children. We care about young children and the future of the young generation.

Therefore, we play a role in fighting child poverty to ensure that every child has access to good health and education despite their financial backgrounds or societal status.


According to these figures, child poverty is likely to worsen through 2029/2030. However, child poverty is an urgent yet preventable crisis. We can all work together to fight child poverty at the local, national and international level.