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AASA wants to hear about the success you are having in your school district.

Sharing your success story is beneficial in many ways.
  1. It powerfully counters the negative portrayal of school districts that may be occurring in your local media
  2. It gives your success the stamp of AASA’s recognition, something you can mention in your next newsletter, blog or on district's website.
  3. It helps your peers -- those superintendents who are facing similar challenges and who can learn from your success

Please take a few minutes to submit your story today.  

Name of School or School district



A short description of your district demographic (150 words or less)

A specific challenge your district is facing (150-250 words)

What you did to bring about positive changes to address this challenge (250 words or less)

The results of the changes you made. use stats when possible. (200-250 words)

The lessons you learned and advice you have for other school administrators facing a similar problem (150 words or less)

If AASA were to send LifeTouch out to take photos or videos to better illustrate and publicize your success story, who should they contact