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  • IES Releases FY2016 Funding Announcements for Grant Competitions in Education and Special Education Research and Training

    IES What's New|4/15/2015

    IES has released FY2016 funding announcements for grant competitions in education and special education research and training. The Request for Applications for each competition is available at:

  • Updated WWC Report: Shared Book Reading Shows Mixed Effects for Preschool Children

    IES What's New|4/14/2015

    Shared book reading (also known as interactive shared book reading) encompasses practices that adults can use when reading with children, which are intended to enhance young children’s language and literacy skills. The WWC recently combined and updated its September 2006 report on shared book reading and its January 2007 report on interactive shared book reading to include the most recent available evidence. The WWC review of this research found that shared book reading has mixed effects on comprehension and language development and no discernible effects on alphabetics and general reading achievement for children under age 6 and not yet in kindergarten.

  • New REL Mid-Atlantic Report: PLUS Loan Requirements and Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    IES What's New|4/14/2015

    REL Mid-Atlantic analyzed financial aid and enrollment changes during the 2012/13 school year after credit history requirements for the Parental Loans for Undergraduate Students program were increased.

  • NCER to Host Webinar for State Evaluation Research Competition

    IES What's New|4/10/2015

    On Tuesday, April 28th, IES staff will conduct a webinar to provide information on applying for research grants within the Fiscal Year 2015 Evaluation of State Education Programs and Policies program (84.305E). The State Evaluation program supports the evaluation of fully-developed programs and policies implemented by State educational agencies to determine whether they produce a beneficial impact on student education outcomes. The application deadline for this competition is June 10th, 2015. To register for the webinar, click here.

  • A guide for monitoring district implementation of educator evaluation systems

    IES What's New|4/7/2015

    A new guide from REL Central can help states rate district implementation of new evaluation systems. The guide includes a step-by-step process and tools to collect and analyze implementation data.

  • New Practice Guide: Teaching Strategies for Improving Algebra Knowledge in Middle and High School Students

    IES What's New|4/7/2015

    Mastering algebra is important for future math and postsecondary success. Help students tackle this subject with evidence-based recommendations from our new practice guide, Teaching Strategies for Improving Algebra Knowledge in Middle and High School Students. The methods and examples included in the guide focus on helping students analyze solved problems, recognize structure, and utilize alternative approaches to solving algebra problems. Teachers can implement these strategies in conjunction with existing standards or curricula. Plus, these strategies can be utilized for all students learning algebra in grades 6–12 and in diverse contexts, including during both formative and summative assessment. Get your free copy today!

  • New REL Report Explores How to Predict Early College Success

    IES What's New|3/31/2015

    REL Midwest examined whether data on Indiana’s 2010 high school graduates, their high schools, and the colleges in which they enrolled could predict their early college success (enrolling in only nonremedial courses in the first semester, completing all attempted credits in the first semester, and persisting to a second year of college).

  • REL Northeast and Islands study describes online course use in New York public high schools

    IES What's New|3/31/2015

    A new study from the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands describes how and why public high schools in the Greater Capital Region of New York used online learning for their students during the 2012/13 school year.

  • Vocabulary Results from the 2013 NAEP Reading Assessment

    IES What's New|3/31/2015

    This report presents results focusing on the vocabulary component of the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading assessment. Examples of vocabulary questions at grades 4, 8, and 12 are presented in the report along with the percentages of students who responded correctly. Students’ overall performance on the vocabulary questions is reported as average scores on the NAEP vocabulary scale. National results from 2015 are compared to results from 2011 and 2009 for grades 4 and 8, and to results from 2009 at grade 12 (the NAEP reading assessment was not administered in 2011 at grade 12).

  • WWC Reviews Study of Talent Transfer Initiative's Impacts on Math and Reading Scores

    IES What's New|3/31/2015

    A recent study used a randomized controlled trial to examine the impacts of the Talent Transfer Initiative (TTI) on reading and math achievement for students in 10 school districts. The TTI program enabled principals of low-performing schools to give bonuses to high-performing teachers when they transferred to and stayed in the low-performing schools. Some analyses meet WWC group design standards without reservations.

  • Study of Six Boston Charter High Schools Does Not Meet WWC Standards

    IES What's New|3/31/2015

    A recent study examined the impacts of attending Boston’s charter high schools on students’ reading and math achievement, high school graduation, and college outcomes. The study had high levels of attrition, and the statistical techniques used by the study do not allow the study to demonstrate baseline equivalence. Therefore, the research does not meet WWC group design standards.

  • What Is the Price of College? Total, Net, and Out-of-Pocket Prices by Type of Institution in 2011-12

    IES What's New|3/26/2015

    This report describes three measures of the price of undergraduate education in the 2011–12 academic year: total price of attendance (tuition and living expenses), net price of attendance after all grants, and out-of-pocket net price after all financial aid.

  • REL Southeast Describes What's Happening with Florida's Educational Leaders

    IES What's New|3/24/2015

    This report from the REL Southeast at Florida State University describes the demographic makeup, certifications, experiences, 10-year career paths, and evaluations of Florida’s 2011/12 assistant principals and principals.

  • The Impacts of Summer Counseling on College-Bound Students: Boston Site Analysis

    IES What's New|3/24/2015

    Researchers examined the impacts of summer counseling programs, one in Boston and one it Atlanta, on college-bound students’ college enrollment and persistence into sophomore year. This WWC review focuses on the design, analysis, and findings from the Boston site. This portion of the study is a well-executed randomized controlled trial with no attrition and meets WWC group design standards without reservations.

  • The Impacts of Summer Counseling on College-Bound Students: Atlanta Site Analysis

    IES What's New|3/24/2015

    This study examined whether summer counseling programs for college-bound students, one in Boston and one in Atlanta, increased college enrollment and persistence into the sophomore year. This WWC review focuses on the design, analysis, and findings from the Atlanta site. This portion of the study is a well-executed randomized controlled trial with no attrition and meets WWC group design standards without reservations.

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