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E-Rate Modernization Highlights How Advocacy is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Throughout the past year, AASA was deeply involved in the confluence of efforts related to the modernization of the E-Rate program. Created in 1996, the program is administered by the Federal Communications Commission and helps schools and libraries afford their teleconnectivity (Internet). As the role of connectivity and technology within schools and classrooms changed over the last 18 years, it...

Posted 7/16/2014 4:28:10 PM

Modernizing E-Rate: A Must Have in Education

Last month the FCC closed its comment period for its most recent Public Notice, soliciting responses for the FCC’s proposed changes to the E-Rate program. As a former school superintendent and in my current role with AASA, an organization that has advocated for the E-Rate program since its inception, and as a member of the USAC board, the entity that administers the E-Rate program, I have strongly...

Posted By James Minichello | 5/9/2014 3:53:15 PM

Steps to Modernize E-Rate and Improve Technology in Education

At a time when federal education policy discussions—from ESEA reauthorization and appropriations to waivers and competitive funding—seem stalled, there is one program that is garnering a lot of attention: E-Rate. The attention to E-Rate isn’t new. The Federal Communications Commission, the federal agency that oversees the program, has been engaged in efforts to modernize E-Rate for almost a year....

Posted By Gayane Minasyan | 2/7/2014 11:05:38 AM

America's #1 Choice When it Comes to School Choice? Still Public Schools!

Next week (Jan. 27-31) is National School Choice Week, a campaign whose sponsors include proponents of vouchers, charters, magnets and other schools, though the real focus is on vouchers. When it comes to school choice and vouchers at AASA, we are deeply committed to supporting and strengthening the nation’s public schools, and have an absolute belief that public dollars are for public school...

Posted By James Minichello | 1/24/2014 3:22:40 PM

Thank You, South Africa!

Dan Domenech with students in South Africa. South Africa can be proud of what it has accomplished since the days of apartheid and when Nelson Mandela was elected president. Mandela is revered in this country and everyone here is holding their breath pending word of his health status. There is no doubt that when his passing is announced, there will be a significant period of mourning by this na...

Posted By James Minichello | 10/31/2013 4:18:13 PM

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