AASA Online Discussion Forums

AASA Online Discussion Forums are an excellent way to share ideas and exchange information with fellow school system leaders; swap solutions and resources such as documents, images and links; and advance professional growth around an area of interest in K-12 education. Each discussion group provides different resources to its participating members.

Discussion Forum groups can be open or closed, as determined by the AASA staff member responsible for managing the forum. 

For open forums, anyone can read the forum postings, but in order to add to the discussion, the individual must create an account (if they donít already have one) and login. Participants sign up by clicking the REGISTER button and entering at least a First Name, Last Name, email address, display name and password. This enables participation in open forums.

For closed forums, only users belonging to certain groups identified by AASA are able to participate. AASA respects its membersí right to privacy by screening applicants to each closed group. Participants in a closed group can be assured their name will only be viewed by other members of the group. Membership is free. Participants are asked to keep their postings free of commercial content.

The following AASA Online Discussion Forums are open only to individuals who are part of formal groups working with AASA staff:

  • Lead District Collaborative
  • Out and In: Engaging Schools in Outreach to Insure All Children
  • School Breakfast
  • AASA Executive Committee