Books that talks about the different kinds of automatic espresso machine

coffee machineBooks on espresso coffee machines give you knowledge on usage and all the concepts about coffee machines, from brands (like Espresso Machines by jura and Gaggia Brera featured capacities capability) to how to use it. Coffee lovers have a variety of options in bookstores to learn all the minute details in the coffee industry. They have customized their content to provide knowledge on different themes as well as provide a brief history of creation and development of espresso machines. The literature review on coffee available in bookstores offers a catalog of book titles that might interest you as a coffee lover.

Knowledge is power. There are online bookstores which even have platforms where readers can share and offer an opinion on the positive and negative aspects of any of the books online. The digital technology has also given a platform for online books in soft copy, which can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets for reading in traffic jam among other boring times. Here are some of the recommended books.

Coffee makers

This book focuses on history and legend of coffee makers. It shows how coffee machines have moved stages since its inception to the current espresso machine. The book uses visual and graphical images together with texts to provide a brief description of each of the images. The author Enrico Maltoni researched through books of history to compile an encyclopedia of coffee makers, usage, preparation methods and further in-depth analysis of advantages and disadvantages of all coffee machine espresso machine –the modern coffee machine inclusive.

Faema espresso

The same author Enrico Maltoni also published this book but with a different theme. His focus was to display the milestones of espresso coffee the machine from 1950 where it was first invented. The book has over 300 graphical images to add a graphical presentation of espresso machines. He takes into account all the milestones the machine achieved in a span of five years from the 1950s. He used top designers like Giugiaro Design to create real designs with both two and three dimension figures with color to give an account of the formation, renovation and development of the machines.

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

James Freeman, Tara Duggan and Caitlin Freeman, the authors of this book looks not only to machines but also coffee as a seed and a beverage. It is a great resource for beginners who want to have information about coffee, origin, and manufacturing.

God In A Cup

This is a recent book in the coffee machine fraternity, it was published in 2008 and looks into espresso machine since the beginning of the millennium.  Michaele Weissman the author focuses on renowned personalities in the beverage industry. His focus was the coffee makers in terms of machines and legends who have made the beverage to be the drink of choice.

There are numerous books available in the analog and digital market which gives all the information you may require as far as espresso machine is concerned. It is for you to take due diligence and research on what you require with respect to the books that will give you the knowledge.