Check out known books about marketing automation


Books provide the best reference for history and mechanism in marketing automation. The market dynamism requires constant knowledge base to keep the pace and realize what marketing automation has to offer. Scholars have also developed comprehensive books and journals on the SWOT analysis when using marketing automation for your business. They not only mention the marketing automation software in existence but also highlight the various milestones they have encompassed in the process of using the toolkit. In this article, we will focus on five books famous in the marketing automation niche.

  1. Revenue Disruption – Game-Changing Sales & Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Phil Fernandez- the author of the book focuses on sales and marketing methodology as the best approach to outdo the changing strategies in marketing automation from the old traditional methods. He acknowledged various factors- culture, technology and revenue as the main factors which greatly influencing the purchasing power of consumers. He uses the modern challenges to produce a business model, which provides timely solutions in sales and marketing.

  1. Think-Outside-Inbox-Marketing-Automation

David Cummings and Adam Blitzer are the main authors of this book. Their knowledge in marketing software companies they own gives them vast knowledge in the scope of marketing automation. It is recommended for beginners who want to  learn the basics of marketing automation and set up. It also gives an overview of how to incorporate modern technology in customizing CRM tools as well as social media integration. He also acknowledges the varied function marketing automation has on sales revenue and lead generation; check ebooks pertaining to convertkit to teach you on online sales incorporation with existing tools in your business. The real life experience in marketing automation gives them an upper hand in providing knowledge based on experience.

  1. Manufacturing demand

Manufacturing Demand is a bestseller book on marketing automation. He takes into account the strides marketing has made and various innovations to the current level. He bases his book on different marketing automation tools in existence on the supply chain. He admits that different business models need different marketing automation tools and advises a business to research on the pros and cons of marketing tools to suit their type of business.

  1. Get Content Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett the authors of the book proves the paradigm shift marketing has taken from the traditional marketing tools. He even points out to big companies on the impact of digital technology in changing methodology of sales and marketing. He says you need to not only talk about your product but to allow your clientele to have knowledge through content as a way to ensure they make informed choices based on wisdom and knowledge on the benefits of the product.

  1. Chief Marketing Technologist- Marketing Technology Management51WzkPzecqL._AC_UL320_SR248,320_

Scott Brinker also has something on marketing automation in this book like the ones you can find here: His focus is psychological manipulation of a customer through marketing automation tools to drive traffic and further increase sales revenue.

There are many marketing automation tools written since the inception of marketing automation platforms. You need to understand the goal of the author to ensure you get value for your money.