Can dogs eat hummus? Check out here what books it is available

Can dogs eat hummus? Check out here what books it is available

There are many books and tutorials, which have condemned giving hummus to dogs because of it contains garlic and lemon juice, which affects the gastric glands of dogs because they get vitamin C much more than they need to have. Factual blogs and online journals, as well as dog websites like, condemn using hummus in dog diet. You can check out what foods canines shouldn’t eat from their website. Garlic destroys the red blood cells in the dog’s body, which is responsible for transporting oxygen-an essential gas in support dog life. Prolonged use of hummus is fatal. Other ingredients in hummus include chick peas and bean species with spices like garlic and eggplant.

Hummus: And 65 Other Delicious & Healthy Chickpea Recipes

Avner Laskin notes the content of hummus as the recipe book provide all ingredients and methods of cooking. Although it recommends the recipes for human consumption only and not dogs. The 128-page book offers comprehensive recipes as far as hummus is concerned.  It depicts hummus as tasty and appetizing even for dogs but avoids your pet to be exposed to it.

The ultimate Hummus cookbook

Jonathon Becklar and Naheed H  are the authors of the 44-page cookbook on Hummus. It also offers recipes of different races and religions. It has widened their content to suit all races globally available. The ingredients and method of cooking are customized to location and individual cultures. Although the food is delicious and tasty, tempting you to give to your dog. It might be harmful because of the numerous ingredients which a dog’s stomach might not digest.

The ultimate hummus recipe book

This book was written by Jane Dixon who has played around with ingredients and experimented to get a delicious meal which he has compiled in a book. The appetizer and accompaniments for starch have been widely accepted. The over 50 recipes in the book is a great way to enjoy hummus meals. He has special spices based on location for special hummus dishes. The spices used in the book have a warning on pets due to the reaction, which might turn fatal.

Humus bros

Levantine kitchen writes a book, which shows all hummus recipes in the Mediterranean region. They were inspired by the demand for their cook and saw a business opportunity to sell the knowledge through books. It helps quench the passion for hummus meals and avoid numerous recurrent questions on recipes. What a business opportunity. The collection of the recipe caters for parties, events, functions, single and family sizes with the right quantity of ingredients for the tastiest hummus meals.

Hummus is the best meal for human consumption; but for dogs, avoids the use of spices because of their sensitive stomachs. Since it has spices, which affect the PH of the stomach lining to acidity in most cases causes ulcerous wounds in dogs. Some of the spices also have an effect on white blood cells which reduces immunity of dogs. Minimization of oxygen in red blood cells causes brain malfunctioning, which might turn fatal. Avoid hummus in dog diet. All books with hummus content and recipes condemn it for pets. Stores have dog food with the necessary ingredients with health benefits.