Books that talks about the different kinds of automatic espresso machine

coffee machineBooks on espresso coffee machines give you knowledge on usage and all the concepts about coffee machines, from brands (like Espresso Machines by jura and Gaggia Brera featured capacities capability) to how to use it. Coffee lovers have a variety of options in bookstores to learn all the minute details in the coffee industry. They have customized their content to provide knowledge on different themes as well as provide a brief history of creation and development of espresso machines. The literature review on coffee available in bookstores offers a catalog of book titles that might interest you as a coffee lover.

Knowledge is power. There are online bookstores which even have platforms where readers can share and offer an opinion on the positive and negative aspects of any of the books online. The digital technology has also given a platform for online books in soft copy, which can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets for reading in traffic jam among other boring times. Here are some of the recommended books.

Coffee makers

This book focuses on history and legend of coffee makers. It shows how coffee machines have moved stages since its inception to the current espresso machine. The book uses visual and graphical images together with texts to provide a brief description of each of the images. The author Enrico Maltoni researched through books of history to compile an encyclopedia of coffee makers, usage, preparation methods and further in-depth analysis of advantages and disadvantages of all coffee machine espresso machine –the modern coffee machine inclusive.

Faema espresso

The same author Enrico Maltoni also published this book but with a different theme. His focus was to display the milestones of espresso coffee the machine from 1950 where it was first invented. The book has over 300 graphical images to add a graphical presentation of espresso machines. He takes into account all the milestones the machine achieved in a span of five years from the 1950s. He used top designers like Giugiaro Design to create real designs with both two and three dimension figures with color to give an account of the formation, renovation and development of the machines.

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

James Freeman, Tara Duggan and Caitlin Freeman, the authors of this book looks not only to machines but also coffee as a seed and a beverage. It is a great resource for beginners who want to have information about coffee, origin, and manufacturing.

God In A Cup

This is a recent book in the coffee machine fraternity, it was published in 2008 and looks into espresso machine since the beginning of the millennium.  Michaele Weissman the author focuses on renowned personalities in the beverage industry. His focus was the coffee makers in terms of machines and legends who have made the beverage to be the drink of choice.

There are numerous books available in the analog and digital market which gives all the information you may require as far as espresso machine is concerned. It is for you to take due diligence and research on what you require with respect to the books that will give you the knowledge.


Check out known books about marketing automation

Books provide the best reference for history and mechanism in marketing automation. The market dynamism requires constant knowledge base to keep the pace and realize what marketing automation has to offer. Scholars have also developed comprehensive books and journals on the SWOT analysis when using marketing automation for your business. They not only mention the marketing automation software in existence but also highlight the various milestones they have encompassed in the process of using the toolkit. In this article, we will focus on five books famous in the marketing automation niche.

  1. Revenue Disruption – Game-Changing Sales & Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Phil Fernandez- the author of the book focuses on sales and marketing methodology as the best approach to outdo the changing strategies in marketing automation from the old traditional methods. He acknowledged various factors- culture, technology and revenue as the main factors which greatly influencing the purchasing power of consumers. He uses the modern challenges to produce a business model, which provides timely solutions in sales and marketing.

  1. Think-Outside-Inbox-Marketing-Automation

David Cummings and Adam Blitzer are the main authors of this book. Their knowledge in marketing software companies they own gives them vast knowledge in the scope of marketing automation. It is recommended for beginners who want to  learn the basics of marketing automation and set up. It also gives an overview of how to incorporate modern technology in customizing CRM tools as well as social media integration. He also acknowledges the varied function marketing automation has on sales revenue and lead generation; check ebooks pertaining to convertkit to teach you on online sales incorporation with existing tools in your business. The real life experience in marketing automation gives them an upper hand in providing knowledge based on experience.

  1. Manufacturing demand

Manufacturing Demand is a bestseller book on marketing automation. He takes into account the strides marketing has made and various innovations to the current level. He bases his book on different marketing automation tools in existence on the supply chain. He admits that different business models need different marketing automation tools and advises a business to research on the pros and cons of marketing tools to suit their type of business.

  1. Get Content Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett the authors of the book proves the paradigm shift marketing has taken from the traditional marketing tools. He even points out to big companies on the impact of digital technology in changing methodology of sales and marketing. He says you need to not only talk about your product but to allow your clientele to have knowledge through content as a way to ensure they make informed choices based on wisdom and knowledge on the benefits of the product.

  1. Chief Marketing Technologist- Marketing Technology Management51WzkPzecqL._AC_UL320_SR248,320_

Scott Brinker also has something on marketing automation in this book like the ones you can find here: His focus is psychological manipulation of a customer through marketing automation tools to drive traffic and further increase sales revenue.

There are many marketing automation tools written since the inception of marketing automation platforms. You need to understand the goal of the author to ensure you get value for your money.

America’s #1 Choice When it Comes to School Choice? Still Public Schools!

Next week (Jan. 27-31) is National School Choice Week, a campaign whose sponsors include proponents of vouchers, charters, magnets and other schools, though the real focus is on vouchers. When it comes to school choice and vouchers at AASA, we are deeply committed to supporting and strengthening the nation’s public schools and have an absolute belief that public dollars are for public schools and equally strong opposition to vouchers.

We are very engaged in advocacy efforts to oppose federal education policy supporting vouchers. AASA is involved with the National Coalition for Public Education, a coalition of more than 50 education, civic, civil rights and religious organizations. NCPE brings these groups together in their common belief that maintaining strong public schools, which are open and nondiscriminatory in their acceptance of all students, is essential to preserving critical American values and ensuring our nation’s future economic prosperity. AASA’s Assistant Director for Policy & Advocacy, Sasha Pudelski, is co-chair of NCPE.

As part of School Choice week and as part of their ongoing efforts to push back on pro-voucher messaging, NCPE has assembled a set of anti-voucher/pro-public school resources that you can use:

  • Sample Tweets
  • Voucher Fail Tumblr Blog, a great reference for all the ways vouchers don’t advance education.

The debate on school choice is about more than just opposing vouchers and our efforts center on supporting policy that strengthens public schools. Public school choice can be a good thing. The opportunity for choice to further strengthen schools only comes when all schools receiving public dollars—including charter and magnet schools—face the same reporting and accountability requirements as traditional schools. Conversely, any flexibility afforded to ‘choice’ schools taking public dollars should be available to all public schools: if it’s onerous and burdensome for charter schools, odds are it’s burdensome for traditional public schools.

Returning to the point of this post, though, I want to broaden the conversation on school choice and highlight that the nation’s public schools remain the top choice when it comes to educating more than 50 million students each year. Our public schools remain safe, neutral zones where all students can learn free of discrimination, schools that are open and committed to all children and accountable to tax payers. Bottom line, our public schools work:

The most recent PDK/Gallup Poll on the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (Aug. 2013) found that 70 percent of Americans oppose private schools vouchers, the highest level of opposition to vouchers ever recorded in the survey. Public school parents continue to give very high grades to the schools their children attend, with nearly 75 percent of parents giving their school an A or a B. These parents agree that their children have a higher level of well-being because of the school they attend, that schools are doing a good job helping students strengthen relationships with family and friends, and that schools prepare students to be healthier and more engaged in their community.

In 2006, the National Center for Education Statistics found that public school students do as well as or better than their private school and charter school counterparts. These findings extended to students from low-income families. Among students eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, public school 4th graders outperformed their charter school counterparts in reading and math.

NCES also reported that the high school dropout rate fell from 6.1 percent in 1972 to 3.4 percent in 2009. Between 2005 and 2011, there was an 11 percent reduction in the rate of students not graduating from high school in four years.

As the debate on school choice heats up next week, I share this post as a voice in support of the nation’s public schools, which remain the number 1 choice, a great option for families and communities across the country. There’s a reason more than 50 million students attend public schools every year, and its related to the important reality that public education is the cornerstone of democracy. Every student has the right to be educated, and that right cannot be infringed by race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, economic status or any other factor granted to them by the U.S. Constitution. Education is a civil right and superintendents, the schools they lead and the students they serve are uniquely positioned to prepare future generations for the opportunities before them.


Dan Domenech is the executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

Can dogs eat hummus? Check out here what books it is available

Can dogs eat hummus? Check out here what books it is available

There are many books and tutorials, which have condemned giving hummus to dogs because of it contains garlic and lemon juice, which affects the gastric glands of dogs because they get vitamin C much more than they need to have. Factual blogs and online journals, as well as dog websites like, condemn using hummus in dog diet. You can check out what foods canines shouldn’t eat from their website. Garlic destroys the red blood cells in the dog’s body, which is responsible for transporting oxygen-an essential gas in support dog life. Prolonged use of hummus is fatal. Other ingredients in hummus include chick peas and bean species with spices like garlic and eggplant.

Hummus: And 65 Other Delicious & Healthy Chickpea Recipes

Avner Laskin notes the content of hummus as the recipe book provide all ingredients and methods of cooking. Although it recommends the recipes for human consumption only and not dogs. The 128-page book offers comprehensive recipes as far as hummus is concerned.  It depicts hummus as tasty and appetizing even for dogs but avoids your pet to be exposed to it.

The ultimate Hummus cookbook

Jonathon Becklar and Naheed H  are the authors of the 44-page cookbook on Hummus. It also offers recipes of different races and religions. It has widened their content to suit all races globally available. The ingredients and method of cooking are customized to location and individual cultures. Although the food is delicious and tasty, tempting you to give to your dog. It might be harmful because of the numerous ingredients which a dog’s stomach might not digest.

The ultimate hummus recipe book

This book was written by Jane Dixon who has played around with ingredients and experimented to get a delicious meal which he has compiled in a book. The appetizer and accompaniments for starch have been widely accepted. The over 50 recipes in the book is a great way to enjoy hummus meals. He has special spices based on location for special hummus dishes. The spices used in the book have a warning on pets due to the reaction, which might turn fatal.

Humus bros

Levantine kitchen writes a book, which shows all hummus recipes in the Mediterranean region. They were inspired by the demand for their cook and saw a business opportunity to sell the knowledge through books. It helps quench the passion for hummus meals and avoid numerous recurrent questions on recipes. What a business opportunity. The collection of the recipe caters for parties, events, functions, single and family sizes with the right quantity of ingredients for the tastiest hummus meals.

Hummus is the best meal for human consumption; but for dogs, avoids the use of spices because of their sensitive stomachs. Since it has spices, which affect the PH of the stomach lining to acidity in most cases causes ulcerous wounds in dogs. Some of the spices also have an effect on white blood cells which reduces immunity of dogs. Minimization of oxygen in red blood cells causes brain malfunctioning, which might turn fatal. Avoid hummus in dog diet. All books with hummus content and recipes condemn it for pets. Stores have dog food with the necessary ingredients with health benefits.


Nothing can beat the storybook of food especially the electric smoked foods


Food is a diet for the physical body and soul. The health benefits when you consume the right diet are an added advantage to your overall physical performance. Scholars say” a way to a man’s heart is through food” However, the health and physical benefits of food are experienced when you consume the right quality and quantity of food, otherwise it can be your source of daily nightmare and lifestyle diseases.


Knowing the right foods through books

Books provide documentation on what to and not to consume depending on age and race. Children are growing and they need to take food rich in iron and essential minerals to help in body building and development of strong bones; teenagers are getting into adulthood, the changes they experience require good diet to fill the gap of any mineral deficiency. Adults and the aged have slow cell reproduction hence foods which are easily digested and do not overwork the cells- the main reason for premature aging. Electric smokers are the best kitchen appliances for this time and this is also one of affordable smokers. Smoking as a cooking method is advisable by health experts because of the health benefits they possess. They include nutritional value maintenance, slow temperature hence proper cooking among other benefits. Storytellers have documented this is various story books. Hard copy and soft copy versions of various recipes are also available to give an idea to answer, what, when and how to prepare smoked food.


Smoking meat cookbook

We focus on Jeff Phillips –the author of Smoking meat cookbook gives step by step instruction on preparation, handling, smoking and serving cooked food using electric smokers. He focuses on providing knowledge in barbecue recipes. His website has numerous recipes, which he has incorporated in the book.  The first chapter, he takes comprehensive coverage of how to purchase and set up your smoker- electric, charcoal; then setting and finally preparation. He admits the milestones smokers have achieved to get the modern electric smokers. The book is highly recommended for beginners who want to start their journey towards taking electric smoked meats for home use, restaurants and for house parties.


Myron Mixon the author, checks on the tips and guides in smoking tasty meat bits for all functions. The award-winning chef in smoked recipes has over 75 awards in this niche. He shares on how to create unique recipes to keep your guests in your restaurants and visitor to their fill through, one-one-one preparation of smoked meals using the electric cooker. He also shares some of the simplest ingredients that can be added to create a tasty meat bites. He explains all the minute details on temperature regulation and meat quantities and qualities to ensure you have the best-smoked meals of all time.

A good book on electric smokers is the best reference to provide concepts to your knowledge and expand your cognitive thought on smoked food. They also explain the uses of electric smokers to get the best meal out of simple ingredients.

The Book Collection for Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision

Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision is a professional sprayer gun for all spraying, painting and decoration tasks for all types of paints. The sprayer gun has a 13ft hosepipe ideal for commercial projects. The simplicity of the gadget allows both novices and experts to use it with ease. Save the money to add beautification to your spraying functions by using the gadget to do self –spraying. There is no book collection which mentions Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision as the best and most affordable tool for spraying needs.


What do you require to learn more about Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision? The manufacturers have manuals, which show all the minute details about the sprayer. The manual has visual displays on usage, methodology and paint refilling to help you once you have purchased the sprayer and you are ready for use. The manual has all the technical and physical details of the sprayer. The 8.8 pound comes in two colors white and blue. The automated functions on it make batteries negligible in its usage. It also has all the warranty details to take care of manufacturer’s defects. Funny enough, the gadget is not eligible for shipping, due to policy matters but plans are there to move in that direction. Spray can also work perfectly with the drill press. 


Apart from the manual, there are blog posts and product reviews that highlight this type of sprayer. However, the concept of it innovation has been used in many other airless sprayers and their functionality tested and proved.

You want to get more information about Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision try and go to the manufacturer’s website available on the manual to get more information as well as sample other toolsets that might suit you in the series of sprayers.


The internet is also a good platform to allow you to have a one on one interaction with the manufacturer’s customer support. also provides hard copy evidence on usage, pricing and more information about Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision. Based on customer reviews on the site, it is a clear prove that the tool offers value for money. Most users have received great service beyond their expectation hence numerous recommendations.


What does this mean in the business arena? Competition has to find better ways to fit their tools to have an upper hand for their gadgets. They also have to use modern marketing technologies to be at par with Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision. A better way to get the collection for this sprayer is through the use of content management as a marketing tool to widen their presence in the international market.


There are no published books on Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision, but there are various online publications on the sprayer- a clear indication of its efficiency in service delivery. Its portability and simplicity in its operation have made it have a higher market share compared to other sprayers invented at the same time. When you need a professional and classic spraying function Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision is the ultimate solution.








Book Lists of Ping Pong History and Legends

Ping Pong is a street name to mean table tennis. There are several books written to offer content about this brain game. The books take into account of the history of the books, rules of the game, renowned Ping Pong players and milestones the game has undergone to its current international level. Some of the books have a specified theme while others over a wide comprehensive content for all Ping Pong lovers.


Table Tennis for Thinkers

Larry Hodges who provides practical advice on handling table tennis wrote Table Tennis for Thinkers. It includes tactics, learning your opponent’s weakness, ball handling, and ball response. The over 20 chapters contained in the book focuses on being a good player, ideal for the player, coaches, Ping Pong Managers, and individuals who want to build their careers in Ping Pong.


Table Tennis: Steps to Success

The author Richard McAfee uses this book to communicate on physical and mental activities required when playing Ping Pong. He uses the book to focus on the role of each part of the body, how you are supposed to handle yourself whether hitting or receiving the ball; it further emphasizes on some training drills and tactic to use when training players. It is a great book to use when you want to move your Ping Pong career to a professional level. The comprehensive content in the book is accompanied by visual images to allow you have a practical experience in the illustrations. Being successful means that you have experience an intensive Ping Pong game. 


Breaking 2000

Alex Polyakov uses Breaking 2000, to inspire Ping Pong beginners through his real life experience in attaining the USTA rankings. The real life experience book highlights the challenges and achievements to young Table Tennis lovers. If you had started the journey and lost hope along the way Breaking 2000, offers the right advice and solutions to break the ceiling in Table Tennis. He goes ahead to give details of the training , competitions, and tournaments that made him achieve the higher ranks in Table Tennis.


Ping Pong Diplomacy

Nicholas Griffin wrote this book. His content is diverse with history, myths, and politics of the innovation of Table Tennis and why the Chinese are the best in the game at international levels. He bases his writing on an international event, which gave China and USA a leeway for international relations through Table Tennis during the cold war. He also looks at the circumstances surrounding the sport politically and the influence in foreign relations between the two countries. If you love politics, this book provides insights for you to borrow a leaf.



Matthew Syed- the author of Bounce uses this book to use Table Tennis in handling real life experiences. This book communicates various themes which affect the daily life of individual but uses Table Tennis as cases studies for practical illustrations.

Table Tennis is a brain game with numerous life lessons to learn and implement in handling out daily routine. Authors use books as motivation to beginners and Table Tennis professionals.

AASA President David Pennington visits the Abbotsleigh Girls School in Sydney, Australia

The AASA International Seminar has taken us down under this year. We are visiting one of the top ranked independent schools in Australia, the 130 years old Abbotsleigh Girls School in Sydney. On two campuses, the school offers a pre-school to 12th grade program for students that can afford the $18,000 to $30,000 tuition, depending on grade level. Headmistress Judith Poole harkens from Southern New Jersey and has been in Australia since 1988.

The Junior School (elementary) campus accommodates 600 students while the senior campus holds 900 students. The school also offers boarding to over 200 students at both levels for some $45,000 per year.

For those that continue to say that money doesn’t matter—wrong!

The students at Abbotsleigh are receiving the best education that money can buy. An outstanding staff, teachers receive a starting salary of $80,000 per year and provide the quality education that we could only wish all kids would receive.

The former Prime Minister is an alumnus as are many other notable Australian women.

By the way, in Australia all schools receive federal aid regardless of whether they are government schools or not. Abbotsleigh receives $4,500 per pupil from the state of New South Wales.


Dan Domenech, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is blogging throughout the AASA People to People delegation, which is now in Sydney, Australia.